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No, I can't get you free painkillers

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Anonymous asked: Simon, would you, um, give your consent if I ask for your sister's hand in marriage?

Absolutely not!

Who are you, anyway? Jayne, is that you?!

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askkaylee-deactivated20131215 asked: A small emperor penguin waddles up to you, holding up a sign. The sign reads “I am the anonymous love penguin. You are loved, and you may hug me. When you are done, send me to five friends to let them know they are loved as well.”



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askkaylee-deactivated20131215 asked: Hey sweetie :) What are you up to today? x

Well, I’m trying to read but everyone keeps interrupting me.

I mean. Not that I mind you….interrupting….me. Not that you ever-


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Anonymous asked: Do the other crew members still destroy your infirmary in search of medical supplies for non-medical uses?

Thankfully, no.

Well, they some people still take things, but they’ve gotten sneakier about it. I didn’t know they even had the capacity to be quiet, but apparently even untrained apes can learn new tricks.

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Anonymous asked: So I've got this thing on my arm... *indicates cut on arm* ...what should I do?

Rinse it with running water, let it air dry, and keep the area clean. Put antibiotic ointment on it if you have access to it.

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askjaynecobb asked: What er tongue depressirs fer again? Oh you're outta 'em again. Ah took 'em.

Can we not?

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Anonymous asked: What's your favorite thing about Kaylee?

Her smile when she finds the right engine parts she’s been looking for. 

I can’t even make her smile like that, and that’s around the time I get jealous of engine parts.

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ramzzhakim-deactivated20130206 asked: Have you ever gone to an allience bar on u-day with mal, jayne and zoe?

No. I like having my kneecaps unbroken, thanks.

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Anonymous asked: What is your favorite book to read? do you read to Kaylee?

I don’t have one specific favorite book I like to read, it’s too hard to narrow it down. If I had to choose a writer though, I’d say it was Leo Tolstoy, a writer from Earth-That-Was.

Does that sound pretentious? I think that sounds a little pretentious…

OH, yes, I do read to Kaylee. She falls asleep on me though. 

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